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A Fish Named Fred - Kleren met een verhaal 

A Fish named Fred's mission is to make the world a bit more colourful. Increasingly, it seems, that originality and humour is a rare find in today's dreary and grey world. But by constantly making colourful and unique products, A fish named Fred always get customers to smile. A fish named Fred stands for uniqueness, originality, and individuality. Life's too short to be average. That's why Fred's motto is; Be proud, Stand out!

Fred's customers actually expect the brand to keep surprising them. Time and time again things are tackled a little differently; helping a Fish named Fred to distinguish itself from other brands. This may involve creating business cards in the form of beer coasters or the items used at their exhibition stands. One of the most recognisable items at fairs is the A fish named Fred mascot; a mannequin with an orange fish head. From far away their mascot can be seen; immediately positioning the brand as a daring and eccentric. The design process at A fish named Fred is clear and detailed. They start by developing and designing prints. Then select which prints are used on inner-linings of jackets, socks, underwear and even on sleeves and labels of beer and wine bottles.

A fish named Fred has collaborated with many diverse brands from varying industries. For example, a collaboration has been set up with a beer brewer and winery. The brand's retailer wants to stand out from others. One time having a barber in the store and another time having a beer or wine tasting. As a brand, A fish named Fred give retailers ideas to be able to continue to surprise consumers. The brand’s collaborative efforts are not only confined to the beverage industry. A fish named Fred, for example, has joined forces with a furniture manufacturer, with whom the brand produces its own interior items. And for the next two collections, the brand has collaborated with Rehab Footwear to create funky shoes and with Sockshouse, a special edition of the Xpooos socks with A fish named Fred prints are being worked on.

AW20 Fred’s Origin
In Autumn/Winter 2020 we celebrate iconic elements from the Netherlands. In this collection, Fred returns home to the Lowlands. And something quintessentially Dutch and fishy is herring. Not only is it an interesting fish to eat with onions and sliced gherkins it’s also an interesting fish to turn into a print. The herring prints, of this quirky looking fish, do well on shirts and the inner lining of jackets. Also featuring in the collection are the proud lions seen in the Dutch coat of arms. As well as other unmistakable Dutch elements like bicycles, canal houses, tulips, doves, umbrella’s, Delft Blue, old battleships, Van Gogh paintings and Rietveld influences. There’s even a print honouring the late great Dutch Rockstar Herman Brood.


A Wider Collection
In addition to jackets, waistcoats, and shirts, much progress is also being made on other article groups. Accessories, underwear, and socks are enjoying successful repeat purchases and other innovative categories are being added. The goal is to position A fish named Fred as a lifestyle brand. It is cool to see that retailers are increasingly designing their stores in A fish named Fred style and considering the brand as a segment in itself rather than a colourful niche. The brand that was born in Amsterdam is now available all over the world in the best and coolest stores from Sydney to Stockholm and from Los Angeles to Tokyo.

A Store Full of Fresh Fish
There are currently 5 A fish named Fred brand stores and we plan to open more in the near future.
A fish named Fred Brand Stores are in: Haarlem: Hortusplein 1
Amsterdam: Singel 350
Maastricht: Platielstraat 22
Batavia stad - Lelystad 
Bulgaria - Sofia

Expansion of the brand is happening outside the Netherlands as well. Australia, the United States, and Canada, in particular, are growing steadily. Spain and France are doing well, and the brand has just launched in Poland, Finland and the Czech Republic where they have achieved good market entry results. A fish named Fred has now introduced a shop-like concept in the Galeria Inno department store in Brussels. The next one to be opened will be in Galeria Inno in Charleroi. In these department stores, customers can experience the shop-in- shop concept of A fish named Fred. The shop-in-shop furniture, designed completely in A fish named Fred style, can also be purchased by individual retailers; starting with a modular unit of 2 square meters.

Responsible Fred
The A fish named Fred items are produced under good working conditions where people can work healthily and safely. The brand is currently working on sustainability with new packaging for shirts and t-shirts that's 100% recyclable. It will replace the plastic coverings of items with a biodegradable bag. 

A fish named Fred HQ  
Suikersilo-West 37 
1165 MP Halfweg 
The Netherlands  
+31 20 6173685 


Shoes - Rehab    X    Socks - Xpooos    X    Shirt/waistcoat - A Fish Named Fred    

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