Who is this fish named Fred?

A fish named Fred was born in the hot summer of 2011. The then 10 years old daughter of Rob, Isabel Schalker, came up with the idea to give the brand name Freddy Fish. Because Freddy Fish is a computer game from the arcade game era, the name had to be transformed into A fish named Fred.

It’s a fresh and crisp lifestyle concept for men and women with original and colorful elements that stands out by using luxurious materials and refined details. The Amsterdam based brand is currently sold in Holland, Germany, UK, Ireland, Qatar, Abu Dhabi, Singapore, Japan,New Zealand, Russia, Greece, Belgium, Finland and Austria.

The collection of A fish named Fred has 6 different colour groups. Every item, every design and every detail is designed by our own team. There are stylish formal jackets, cool light knitwear, sweat jackets and body warmers. To stand out from the crowed” or in other words “to think out of the bowl”… that’s what A fish named Fred is about.